Rwabutaza Web Estate

About Rwabutaza Web Estate (WE)

Rwabutaza Web Estate (WE) is a segment of Rwabutaza, Inc. specializing in providing web solutions to businesses and individuals. We are in the web development business to deliver web solutions to our clients in this complex dynamic world.

At Rwabutaza Web Estate (WE), we aim at serving local, regional and global web needs of our clients, growing our company in the process. In response to clients’ web-based demands, changing client expectations and market conditions, we create teams of experts who deliver high quality services built on market insight and foresight, sound research and relevant market knowledge. We develop enduring client relationships built on quality service, collaboration and trust.

Mission Statement
To deliver web solutions to businesses and individuals.

The Web Development Steps
There are three steps towards having a fully-functional website with its own domain name:

  1. Domain Registration: The website domain first has to be registered through a third-party in order to be active on the Internet. Cost estimates for domain registration are US$ 15 per year.
  2. Domain Hosting: The website domain then has to be hosted on a third-party web server where website files will reside in order to be accessed on the Internet. Cost estimates for hosting are $56 per year.
  3. Website Development: After the domain has been registered and hosted, the final step involves developing website files to correspond to the final website product. The consulting fee estimates for each website development project depends on the size of the project and the type of website, however the standard minimum consulting fee for our website projects is $499.99 + 6.725% OH state and local tax. Based on size, cost estimates for small, medium and large projects are $499.99 to $999.99 + tax, $999.99 to 2499.99 + tax and $2499.99 to $3999.99 + tax respectively. Based on website type, cost estimates for developing (i) a five-page HTML/CSS Website is $499.99 + 6.725% OH state and local tax, (ii) an E-commerce store with 50 products: $499.99 + 6.725% OH state and local tax (iii) a custom-made PHP/mySQL website with a database is $999.99 + 6.725% OH state and local tax.

Clients – Current and past Website Design and Development projects

  1. Rwabutaza, Inc. –
  2. Ibada Ya Kiswahili Columbus –
  3. Premier Security-
  4. Shoes 4 Diabetics-
  5. Friends In Route-
  6. Dayton Public Schools-
  7. Studio Polaris HER Realty Business Cards-
  8. NDC USA Chapter-
  9. Bezalel Construction-

Past Clients – Inactive expired domains of past Web Design and Development projects: